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Developing a mobile application for your business will increase your brand’s reach, improve customer engagement, generate sales, and provide insightful user data.

Successful businesses position themselves where their customers are. Traditionally this meant opening physical stores in high-traffic areas, but now this means taking your business digital.


In the past decade, the world has seen a drastic rise in the number of smartphone users. Because of this, the demand for mobile-friendly platforms has increased. This means that for businesses to optimise success they must effectively utilise mobile channels.


A great way to achieve this is through mobile apps. Creating an app for your business comes with many benefits.


How much does an app cost?

The price of an app depends on a variety of factors. The main factor being the complexity and number of desired features for the app. A complex app that contains many features will take time to develop, this will greatly impact the overall cost of the app.


The most important step regarding the design and development of an app is to assess what the minimum viable product would be that would solve a problem for your business and/ or add value to it. Identifying this will contribute to a more feasible app for your business. At Rove we use innovative workshops to help your business achieve this, Learn More

I’ve got an idea, who do I share it with?

Congratulations! Having an awesome app idea is the first step towards bringing one to life. Our team of specialists will collaborate with you to explore and expand your idea to provide a top-quality product that your users and business will love.


Get in touch today to get your project started.

How long will it take to build and launch my app?

Just like the price, it all depends on the features and complexity of the build. We have a team of experienced and dedicated developers who are capable of developing apps on a wide range of scales.


Build Brand Awareness

Extend brand reach and exposure with an app. Apps provide the opportunity to reach potential new audiences including new customer demographics that prefer using apps.

Boost Customer Engagement

Create and schedule push notifications that go straight to your customer's devices. Build various automations that contact customers after in-app purchases, these can be thank you messages or requests to review/ rate their experience with your business.

Provide Premium Customer Service

Give app users an array of customer service features such as: in-app messaging, customer feedback portals, FAQs, booking systems, map services, the list goes on.

Gain User Insights

Gain valuable data on your app users. Learn about the behaviours of your customers from their interactions with your app. For example: what are they searching for most, how long they stay on certain app pages for and what content they are interacting with the most via your app.

Improve Customer Communication

Provide your customers with additional means to contact your business. Improve the way customers interact with your business by allowing another way to voice their satisfaction, concerns, and questions.

Generate Customer Loyalty

Digitise your business’ current loyalty programme or create a new one. Digitising loyalty programmes is a great way to build and maintain a community of customers. Easily update rewards/ offers and have them instantly active on your app for your customers to see.

Gain a Marketing Channel

Apps offer an effective way to notify and inform customers with content regarding your business. For example, provide customers with information on special promotions your business has coming up, or news relating to your business.   








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