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Often mistaken for just another meeting or full-day sessions. Workshops are a structured, organised way to get your team collaborating and provide some solid results.


This is the best way to make all your decisions.


How often have you been sitting in a meeting and there has been an awkward silence, or people just start throwing ideas at each other and it turns to who has the loudest voice or who has the final say?


Meanwhile, your interns or juniors are sitting there waiting until the dust settles. Then after the meeting, there are questions on the clarity of the direction? Doesn’t that seem like a waste of time?


Workshops provide a healthy solution that use exercises and activities to remove the bias, thinking out loud, and open discussions that lead nowhere. They are the secret to doing more meaningful work more efficiently.


Don’t workshops take days to run?

They can, but not everyone has to! If you have a new product you want to promote and you want feedback from the team, get everyone into the board room and you’ll be surprised by the solutions you can come up with in less than an hour!

How can we host one ourselves?

You need someone to be the main facilitator of the workshop. They will probe the group with questions, they will also guide the group along with what needs to be done every step of the way. 

How many people need to be involved?

As many people as needed, it’s helpful to run them with the key stakeholders and decision-makers as their opinions and experience will help! However, you hire interns based on their potential, so why not invite them along too and see what ideas they bring to the table.


Define Challenges

Identify the challenges your business is facing, understanding the challenges you face is the first step to finding a solution.

Understand Your Customers

Define who your target customers/ users are and develop understandings of their behaviours and goals in relation to your business.

Develop Strategies

Create a plan of attack for achieving your business goals. Get your team on the same page moving forward.

Brainstorm Solutions

Involve your team in the ideation of solutions. Generate potential solutions at mass and refine them to find the best one.  

Iterate & Refine Ideas

Achieve quality results by producing a flurry of ideas and then analysing which ones would best suit the challenge at hand.

Gain Tangible Results

Leave each workshop with key learnings that can be immediately implemented to the benefit of your business.

Build Better Relationships

Our workshops look to include your team, involve them in the process of improving your business. Learn about your customers to build stronger relationships with them and your business.








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