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Generate customer loyalty by rewarding recurring customers using a digital loyalty programme tailored to your business. Understand what makes your customers loyal with analytical reports based on how your customers are interacting with your loyalty programmes. We offer a range of loyalty solutions that can improve the growth of your business. 

Provide digital stamp cards that can be conveniently stored in your customer's smartphones using digital wallet technology. Allow your customers to earn rewards that they can then redeem back at your business. 

Trigger conversions with digital coupons and vouchers that customers can interact with. 

Implement an electronic gift card system that customers can buy as gifts for friends and family.


Loyalty positively influences customers buying decisions. Customers that are loyal to a particular brand or company are less likely to be influenced by price or availability, this means that they are more willing to spend more and wait longer for products and/ or services that they know and trust. 

A well designed loyalty programme can increase sales for your business. Customers that are loyal are more likely to repurchase from you, refer your business to friends and family and try out new products and services you may offer. Customers that are a part of a successful loyalty programme are likely to spend more with your business.      


Creating a loyal customer base is not always easy for businesses. Our range of innovative loyalty platforms can help your business to boost customer loyalty and improve sales.


How do I increase customer engagement?

The key to keeping people on board with a loyalty program is to provide them with a positive experience early on. Receiving emails from brands you’re loyal to have click-through rates of up to 35% so be sure to keep them up to date with your emails.

Can we get a personalised loyalty program?

Yes, we can fully cater to your business needs. Whether you want a combination of digital and physical (often called phygital) which could use QR codes that scan and transfer to your web page that allows them to choose rewards based on the points. 

How do I know people will use it?

You can’t guarantee that people will use it. But there are ways to give them a little nudge in the right direction. You can offer them “bronze, silver and gold” tier rewards which motivate them to level up over time or give them achievements for completing certain actions like following your Facebook page.

Is my store big enough?

Lots of small businesses can reap the rewards of a loyalty program. Realistically, you could be slowing the growth of your business by not offering incentives and churning customers back through your sales funnels.

What kind of rewards should I offer?

Well, it depends on your business and your products and services. It always helps to create a personalised touch. Free coffee for birthdays is always a good place to start. You can also say thanks for passing on reviews, sharing on social media and so on.


Gift Cards

Gain extra customers during the holiday seasons and boost gift related sales by 30%

Digital Coupons

Generate traffic for your business and collect customer data.

Digital Stamp Cards

Build your customer database, easily edit rewards and don’t worry about print costs.


Create interactive marketing games. This improves audience conversions, engages customers, and increases brand awareness.

Digital Vouchers

Offer your customers limited time discounts using our digital voucher system.








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