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Does your website look like it never left the 90s? Maybe your competitor has just upgraded their site: it has impressive animations of paper planes flying across the screen or a video of a drone flying above their office. 


It’s time for a fresh lick of paint.


Have you walked into a store and walked about because it was cluttered, dirty and didn’t appear to be loved? Websites can give off the same vibe. Unfortunately, a poorly designed website won’t be an automatic customer generating factory-like today’s websites. 


With the fast-moving pace of the digital world, and lowering attention spans, people will only browse your site for a few seconds before they decide whether or not they want to find out more about you!


It’s worth putting some money towards a modern site, and it will easily pay for itself when you start generating clients online.


What’s involved in a redesign?

We’ll need to undertake an audit of the performance of your site using various metrics. We’ll also need to host workshops to determine the direction of the project.

Will this make my site mobile responsive?

Yes, every site now must be designed with mobile users in mind! It’s fundamental to have these users at top of mind, we also ensure that it will be responsive for desktops, laptops and even your tablets.

What does a redesign cost?

This depends on how much content is staying or going. If the copy isn’t converting and your images are low quality. Then there will be more time and effort that goes into the platform. It will be cheaper than building a custom platform from the ground up.

What do you mean by CMS?

A content management system is a platform that allows us to build your platform. Most websites you’ll be familiar with are built with WordPress. However, there are many others with varying pros and cons. Some websites are built on very old CMS, and their features can cause more stress than anything!

Can you add more features to the site?

Yes! A redesign doesn’t mean we’re limited to recreating exactly what’s on the site. If you want to add pages or other integrations, we can fully help you out with that.



Let your customers know who you are by creating or reinventing your business’s identity. Establish trust and instil loyalty with them.  

Professional Design

Stand out from your competition with an aesthetic web design that is practical for users and effective for your business.

Content Management Systems

Introduce an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) to your business’s website. Remove the need for a web developer and allow yourself or your staff to easily manage the content on your website.

Improved User Experience 

Understand who your users are and tailor the design of your website to best enhance how they interact with it.


Gain an additional point of sale for your customers by offering the option to purchase your products online.

Fully Customisable 

Customise your website to suit the needs of your customers and your business.








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