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Rove's Terms of Engagement.

Terms of Engagement



Client Service


Project Management



Fee Schedule


Client management: Rove will ensure:

  • Regular contact occurs with calls and emails prompty responded to

  • The client will be kept up to date on relevant information regarding the jobs in progress and alternative solutions are provided if/when any issues may occur

  • The client is pre-informed of any team absences

All client files are backed up on a daily basis to a cloud-based server

Concepts: Rove will deliver:

  • Creative supported with strategy and rationale. Recommendation provided if requested

  • Creative execution that adheres to the clients needs

Intellectual property rights to the client once payment for work completed is received

Planning and scheduling: Rove aims to:

  • Have at a minimum, monthly client meetings

Meet requested deadlines. Where this is not possible alternative solutions will be provided

Costs: Rove will provide:

  • A cost estimate for projects unless a monthly fee for service agreement is entered.

Billing: Rove will:

  • Prepare an invoice based on the work completed

  • For projects spanning more than one month, invoice projects in part payments for work completed each month

  • Send invoices via email monthly which require payment by the 20th of the following month(retainer clients)

  • Invoices that are 90 days outstanding will be sent to a debt collector

Software builds such as Apps and Web platforms are usually quoted upfront with a 50% payment upon agreement, 25% payment upon prototype sign off and the remaining 25% upon completion.

Hourly rate: Rove utilises an hourly rate for additional client work, based on the following tiers:

  • Directors & C level staff $210

  • Marketing, Communications, Designers & Developers $160

All prices are +GST

Where you give Rove confidential information, we confirm that we shall at all times keep it confidential, other than as required by law, by our insurers, or as provided for in regulatory, ethical or other professional statements relevant to our engagement. This will apply during and after this engagement. Rove may subcontract our work to other professionals within the sector. Any subcontractors are also bound by our client confidentiality terms.​








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